He’s lied to the Queen; he’s lied to Parliament; he’s lied to the courts.  Why does our MP appear to trust Boris Johnson ?

Email  Ruth now

Johnson’s deal won’t settle Brexit – it’s nothing more than vague phrases. You’d never buy insurance with so little detail.  All his deal does is give Johnson permission to play fast and loose with our future.  Far from public scrutiny Johnson, will be able to do whatever deal he wants with Trump and our NHS, he’ll lower taxes on his billionaire backers, and strip away protection on jobs, on food standards, and on air quality – all that horrible red-tape we hear so much about.

Brexit doesn’t have to be like this.   Email  Ruth   and tell her to vote down Johnson’s deal. Let’s have a break and think how we really want to do this thing.
Note: The link leads to Write To Them, a not-for-profit organisation.  They will not give your data to anyone except your MP. It’s needed so the MP knows you are their, and not someone else’s, constituent

Points you might like to make

1. Johnson’s deal is worse for the country than was Theresa May’s. It protects neither jobs, nor rights, nor standards. And even if it did, nothing Johnson says can be believed

2. We would be at the mercy of Trump – a man who has sworn to put America first and who openly covets our NHS

3. The will of your constituents was to leave the EU. We were told that we would stay in the single market and that EU Citizens would in no way suffer. Theresa May immediately broke both promises and pursued a hard Brexit. Johnson’s Brexit is harder still.

4. Having another referendum is not disrespecting people who voted to leave. It’s giving us all a chance to re-assert what we said we wanted 3 years ago. Youngsters should have a voice.