Our first goal is to make certain MPs reject any deal May does with the EU unless it guarantees the freedoms and prosperity we now have. To do this we have to ensure
sufficient MPs are more afraid of their constituents than they are of their leaders. But we don’t need many.

In the recent Parliamentary votes, the government had majorities of 12 or less. That majority vanishes if 6 of their former supporters see the light. We will target 30 or more MPs with modest majorities with the brightest possible light – the threat of losing their seat

But there’s no election yet.

This is probably, but not certainly, true. So perhaps you will have to remember your pledge for four years. Pledge will help you hold MPs to account when the time comes. To effect this we will keep a record of how your MP votes, what role they play in the Brexit process, what statements they make, etc etc.

But more than this. MPs don’t decide by themselves how they’re going to vote or what they’re going to say. They do so in collaboration with their party machines. So if Brexit goes pear shaped these party machines will be equally responsible. There will be council elections next year.

What support do we have ?

We’ve started off in London, in Pimlico, part of the constituency of Cities of London and Westminster where MP Mark Field has a majority of just over 3000. We’re having a great reception from Pimlicans and have had people, well three or four of them, queuing up to sign. We often remarks like ‘about time someone did something like this.’ A lot of the signatories are pretty obviously Tory voters and some seem to have close links with the party. ‘I’ve told Mark he’ll be out of a job if he keeps on voting for Brexit,’ a relative of a former prime minister told me outside his townhouse. Our reception was no less positive in the council estate opposite.

Most of us are new to politics, kicked off our backsides by the triumph of something that seems wrong. But some of us have been shouting the odds since Nelson Mandela was in prison. And these veterans tell us they’ve shouted many slogans in their time but none have had such power to make people turn in their tracks, come back, and sign the pledge as the slogan they’ve been shouting for the last 18 months: Stop Brexit.