This site, you might have gathered, is put together by people who want to stay in the European Community.  If you voted to Leave we’d like to assure you that we mean no disrespect by asking you to vote again.  Is it really too much to ask you to walk to the polling booth one more time ?  If you were to lose it would mean that younger people had decided to vote for their future and that others had, in sufficient numbers, changed their mind now that they had seen the small print or the sort of politician who hopes to benefit from Brexit.   And if you win you can rest assured that us Remainers will unite behind the future  you have chosen for this country.

Many MPs don’t get this.  They’re afraid that you’ll vote them out if they support another referendum.  If your MP is one of these people re-assure them.  Tell them that democracy lasts more than a day;  tell them to give us all another vote.