Some of us voted to leave the EU, some of us voted to stay. But none of us voted to lose our rights and protections or to face a future without work.

Perhaps it won’t come to this. Perhaps the politicians who have staked their careers on Brexit are telling the truth. But if they’re not, if it’s the directors of almost every important company, if it’s the farmers, the hospital chiefs, the airline bosses, and many many others who are correctly predicting our future, then it’s us who’ll be the losers. Big losers. And we will have denied our children a voice in their future.

They deserve the final say on Brexit. All of us deserve the final say on Brexit. Demand it and sign this pledge


At future elections I will support only those MPs who allow me a vote on the exit deal with the EU, or who vote to stop Brexit without such a vote. Thanks to the courageous ones who are already doing so.

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