Pledge for the Future consists of a nurse, a care assistant, a crane driver, a retired diplomat, an engineer, a British army veteran, and a retired Maths teacher together with a pool of about a dozen less active members who back us up on street canvassing and making our presence felt on social media.

Most parties are represented and one of us curses politicians of every hue; our diplomat often comes out of retirement. We are united, however, by our belief that MPs should put the interests of the British People before their own careers or the narrow interests of their parties. This, we believe, most of them will fail to do unless we, the electors, threaten their seats.

We met on social media during a campaign to get our representatives to assert themselves. Throughout the spring MPs were debating the details of Brexit. Our concern was that Parliament should scrutinize and perhaps amend any deal the government made with the EU. We wrote many letters and had many meetings with MPs but all to no avail. They voted to make themselves almost powerless.

We were annoyed by this. The Code of Conduct for MPs says they “have a general duty to act in the interests of the nation as a whole; and a special duty to their constituents.” This, you would have thought, would include making sure they put themselves in a position to veto anything likely to make us skint. Their reluctance to do this reminds us that we can send MPs all the letters and tweets and emails we like but nothing will get their attention like the simple five words: “I won’t vote for you.” Pledge for the Future was born.

To contact us or to find out more about Pledge please email us on: info@pledge-for-the-future.co.uk