Can MPs be relied on to stop Brexit or give us another referendum ? Are they amenable to reasoned letters or to the evidence of surveys and million-strong marches. Or is fear for their seat a more persuasive argument ?

If you think the latter then join us in marginals this autumn. Let’s make MPs fully aware that supporting Brexit, any Brexit, will cost them their jobs.


There may not be a general election in the near future but support for political parties is built over years. When MPs vote on Brexit this autumn let them know that Remainers are canvassing en-masse to build support for the pro-Europe rival most likely to ensure that they lose their seat. Will this not have a salutary effect on the crucial votes in October ?

A number of MPs who are friends of Remain could also do with support.


No MP with a majority under 10,000 can feel safe these days. Sign up here to help put the skids under the Brexiters’ careers. We will put you in touch with teams who will canvass for Remain candidates in their backyards.

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